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Telos Digital can draw on a wealth of experience from specialists from a variety of backgrounds. The core team members have over two centuries of combined technological expertise between us, and we work closely with Telos Partners. If further specialist knowledge is required, then we can draw on our academic and professional network.

Photo of Richard Neill
Richard Neill MPhil, MSci, MA
Chief Executive Officer
I am a physicist, with an insatiable curiosity, and a drive to solve complex problems. Software is a form of creativity, and I love teaching, and explaining.
Photo of Peter Ward
Peter Ward
I work internationally with chief executives on the transformation of their businesses and their growth, both organically and through acquisition. With an emphasis on the long term.
Photo of Ania Camilla Dulnik
Ania Camilla Dulnik MA
I studied PPE and International Affairs at Oxford, followed by going into strategy consulting.
Photo of Peter Edmond
Peter Edmond MA Cantab
Chief Digital Officer
I have a diverse collection of technical and problem solving skills, based on international technical experience, working with logistics, facilities-management, equipment-maintenance and support, often in extreme conditions. I have spent decades providing consulting work, primarily for SMEs covering IT project-implementations and support.
Photo of Adrian Gardener
Adrian Gardener
Agile Coach
I specialise in working with the management processes associated with software development.
Photo of Seth Tunstall
Seth Tunstall
Systems Engineer
I am a Linux and Open Source Systems Administrator, with a passion for open source auditable, and customisable code.
Photo of Anna Petrosyan
Anna Petrosyan MEcon, MA
Product Manager
My background and experience is in economics and management. I have worked across multiple sectors, but for the last 6 years I worked in a technology sector as a Product Manager, and led the development and deployment of exciting and business-transforming digital products.
Photo of Iliya Iliev
Iliya Iliev BSc (Hons), MSc
Head of Development
I have over 20 years of experience in creating innovative software solutions, which enhance business productivity. I am experienced in all aspects of conceptualisation, architecture and software development life-cycle, and end-to-end management of dozens of successful software projects and products.
Photo of Nataliia Bobrova
Nataliia Bobrova BA (Hons), PhD
Software Engineering Manager
I am a software developer with a desire and drive to understand, optimise and digitise business processes. I am keen to work as part of a team or lead the team to deliver the required solutions or products.
Photo of Toby Hoare
Toby Hoare
UX & UI Designer
I am a digital designer specialising in UX, UI and the web. I have experience in designing and running successful usability testing projects, creating pixel perfect designs and improving sales figures by running conversion rate optimisation campaigns, all with the aim of helping businesses run more efficiently, with a view to increasing revenue.
Photo of Dominic Benson
Dominic Benson MA
Technology Leader
I am responsible for server and network operations, architecture of software and databases, software update tooling, and backend software development.
Photo of Graham Birch
Graham Birch BSc (Hons)
Head of Sales
My degree was in genetics; since University I've worked mainly in sales and leadership roles. I've worked across multiple verticals, but have focused on healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries. I'm committed to understanding your business, and building a long-term partnership built on trust and excellent delivery.
Photo of √Čtienne Boisseau-Sierra
√Čtienne Boisseau-Sierra MSc, MEng, PhD
Data Science & Machine Learning Lead
I understand business problems to design and implement relevant solutions leveraging data, statistics, and machine learning.
Photo of Piotr Gryko
Piotr Gryko PhD
Senior A.I. Engineer
I studied experimental physics at University College London. My PhD, at Imperial College London, focused on using biomaterials to self assemble inorganic materials, merging the boundaries of biological systems and machines.
Photo of Eduard Baroyan
Eduard Baroyan
Software Engineer
I am a software developer and entrepreneur, with a drive to apply innovative technologies to solve challenging problems.
Photo of Peter Grandi
Peter Grandi
Systems Engineer
I am a Linux and Open Source Systems Administrator, with a particular interest in High Performance Computing.
Photo of John Burley
John Burley MSci, MSS
I thrive solving problems where human skill and sophisticated machines meet to perform faultlessly under pressure. I've honed this capability in numerous contexts including satellite mission control rooms and surgical operating theatres.