Expertise our areas of

Telos Digital have exceptional skills and experience in a wide range of technological and transformational areas. A sample are represented below:

Software, like science and mathematics, is frequently about applying similar creativity and patterns to different contexts and fields of endeavour. Please ask us how we can help you.

Problem Solving
Understand, Explain, Advise, Do
To solve a problem, use the "5 Whys", deeply understand the context and root-cause; analyse; consider direct solutions; offer inspiration on alternatives using detailed knowledge of available technology; explain it; actually fix it.
Simple explanations of Complex problems
We can communicate at all levels of a business: from warehouse-operations, to domain-experts, to board-level. We can demonstrate, or explain by analogy, in a way that is clear, but not misleading: this is "simplicity on the other side of complexity", backed up by details and numbers.
Real World
Practical, Implementable Solutions
For a solution to work, it must be compatible with business and commercial requirements. We aim to understand the real underlying needs of our clients.
Team Building
Creating an Exceptional Team
We know how to recruit, interview/evaluate, engage, motivate, inspire, look after, and retain a talented team. Our track record proves it.
Software for Complex Supply Chains
The majority of the team have been involved in high-profile logistics solutions, including contributions to the design and development of bespoke warehouse management software and traceability management tooling.
Project Management
Agile Development
We have extensive experience in Agile, the most effective methodology for digital projects. We have built, and successfully delivered, large-scale systems for major customers. Starting with an MVP, and 2-weekly sprints, keep the project on track, even as specifications change.
Software Development
Applications, Databases, Sensors
The Discipline and Art of software development is common across multiple fields. It requires a deep understanding of the customer need, creative solutions, well-designed data-structures, technical experience, the knowlege of the right tools and libraries, and exhaustive testing.
Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
Most of us have backgrounds in, and an abiding fascination for, experimental and theoretical physics, chemistry, materials-science, and pure/applied mathematics or astronomy. This scientific world-view guides our thinking.
Software, Electronics, Mechanics
Science allows us to understand the World; engineering allows us to change it. We can design systems, and analyse the designs of others.
Scientific Consultancy
Technical Advice
Our scientific and engineering experience means we can give you accurate advice, and we can design and carry-out practical experiments and measurements to test hypotheses. Order-of-magnitude mathematics is essential to know whether a thing will work in practice, and at scale.
Infrastructure and Hosting
OpenStack, Networking, CyberSecurity
We use OpenStack to provide our own secure and private, self-hosted, cloud-hosting service, which is the foundation for all of our own software development and production, at a substantial saving compared to AWS.
Open Source
Industrial Strength, Adaptable, Low-cost.
We run our lives and our businesses on open-source software. We use it because it is more reliable, easier to use, can be modified, and lower-cost. We can stand on the shoulders of giants when deploying infrastructure, or building new projects.
Data Science
...and Data Engineering
Data Science includes data-capture, data-engineering, analysis and algorithm optimisations, data-presentation (dashboards) and alert-mechanisms. Understanding the underlying mathematics, and selecting the right algorithm is essential, to avoid being confident, and wrong.
6 Sigma
Statistics and Processs Enhancement
The core of 6-sigma is: define, measure, analyse, improve, and control. We measure processes, design experiments, and teach people, in order to obtain continuous improvement.
Large Language Models and GPT
Llama, Alpaca, ChatGPT, ...
ChatGPT, the user-friendly interface to the "Generative Pre-trained Transformer" Large Language Model is currently taking the world by storm. The potential for change, both good and bad, is massive: but we have to stay ahead of the competition.
Hardware, RPA, Scripting
We can automate processes, such as puppetisation for auto-deployment, scripting and interface to API (or GUIs) for Robotic Process Automation.
Sensors and Internet of Things
IOT, Communications, Dashboards
Sensors are ubiquitous, but the data must be collated and lead to understandable, actionable insights. For example, warehouse temperature monitoring to provide rapid notifications, saving energy and reducing damaged inventory.
Design, Prototyping and Firmware
We build and design electronics for ourselves, and for automation and measurements. The hybrid analog, digital network systems are particularly useful for the Internet of Things.
User Experience, and Usability
Design, Research, and Implementation
When the user-experience is good, via an intuitive user-interface, customers return, and operations make fewer errors with less training. Good user-interfaces are an art and a science.
Audio-Visual, and Digital Creativity
Recording, streaming, editing, and design.
We use the entire open-source suite of image, audio and video tools in the course of our work, especially for scripting repetitive pipelines. We have the A/V hardware: cameras, mixers, amplifiers, speakers, lights, etc.
Quantum Computing (WIP)
Digital Security and Cryptography
As Quantum Computing progresses towards real-world applications, there will be a race to prevent cryptographic weaknesses from being exploited by quantum algorithms.
Inspiring new Thinkers and Doers
We love our subjects, and sharing them with others, teaching, explaining, inspiring and mentoring. Many of us also teach professionally in fields including physics, programming, flying, and agile development.
Constantly Learning
Curiosity and Continuous Improvement
We're always learning, because there is so much yet to understand. If we don't know, we know how to find out, by research, or by experiment, and then we record and share it. We do this for ourselves; we can help you in the same way.
Just for Fun
Surprising Applications
Our personal interests and hobbies are frequently applicable in other contexts. For example, the hobby of setting fireworks to music involves microcontrollers, protocol-dissection, RF-engineering, shell-scripting, and meticulous testing and planning.