Successes our track record
is our credibility

We have been involved in many diverse projects, and these are the wellspring of our experience and our expertise. It is by doing that we continuously refresh our ability to give good advice. Here are some of our favourites, that showcase our track-record.

Please note that the case-studies have been summarised for clarity, and names have often been redacted for confidentiality. 


Liberate - Book Warehousing

[we] Saved the Contract

Managing Director, at the customer
A Logistics company was deploying a new warehouse to centralise the distribution system for a well-known retailer. This would greatly improve their stock-availability, especially for the 'long tail'. As it began the final testing before go live, it became clear that there were severe technical problems, which would prevent the warehouse scaling up to meet the demand.

We quickly analysed the technical problems facing the deployment, which the company couldn't solve itself. We were able to communicate these clearly to the directors, and help them to understand the issues. The customer had a critical retail-deadline 5 weeks later, so although the existing warehouse-software had taken 2 years to write, we were asked to provide a solution in 5 weeks!

Despite the enormous pressure, we re-wrote from scratch a large fraction of the control-software within that time. The solution we implemented was very successful, worked first time, and ran for years.

Creating a Digital Team

A large UK company needed a step-change in its approach to IT. We built a Digital Team from scratch, creating the right culture and infrastructure, and recruiting people with appropriate skills and talent. The hardest part about this is how to recruit, interview/evaluate, engage, motivate, inspire, look after, and retain a talented team; and this is about culture as much as it is about brilliance. We became the company's secret-weapon.

Digital Enterprise System

We created a vision for a complete digital logistics ecosystem, combining warehouse-management, forecasting, traceability, automation, visual-management, operational-excellence, and technical-infrastructure, combined with problem-solving, expertise and consultancy.

OpenStack Private Cloud

OpenStack provides core server infrastructure for ourselves, and runs all our development and production services. It does so a much lower cost, and with better privacy, than the alternatives, such as Amazon AWS.

Renewable Energy

As consulting physicists with a background in business, we have been commissioned to analysed multiple designs and concepts for renewable energy, including a wave-energy generator, a means of storing wind energy via weights in mine-shafts and others. We evaluated these designs and gave detailed technical feedback to business-owners, allowing them to make a feasibility decision.

Aviation Safety for Light Aircraft

We built a system to allow pilots of light aircraft to easily verify that their position-transponders were working correctly.

Travel Reservation System

We designed, developed, and introduced a travel-reservation system, which combined the speed and power of an expert-system for experienced users, with an intuitive interface for newer-users.

Industrial Manufacturing Machine Diagnostics

We diagnosed the cause of failure on a complex industrial manufacturing machine (which suffered from poor design and control systems), advising the company M.D. how to radically improve manufacturing output on the production line. This machine had been creating out-of-spec parts for almost a year, causing huge amounts of waste, requiring extensive manual welding re-work.

Workflow Processes

Large businesses often have complex internal business processes. We built a workflow system to manage and track these, and minimise duplicated effort, as data and signoffs flow through multiple stakeholders. It led to a very flexible system, that solved multiple problems.

Communication Cell

The primary collaboration tool for the customer, for their daily meetings across the entire business, used to be paper-based on a large notice-board. The process of meeting, communicating in a structured way, visualising the heartbeat KPI data of the business, and exposing and solving problems, is key to their operational-excellence; we built a digital system which radically enhanced it.

Data Science and Data Engineering

Most businesses have legacy systems, multiple clients, and contexts, rather than being "digital natives", and could make far better use of their data. Data Science is not just about algorithms, but also about data engineering and making use of data to obtain the relevant insights and translating it into business-actions. Traditional statistics, and 6-sigma approaches are also important, as is knowing which algorithm to select, especially when considering ML (machine learning).

User-Experience Research

Outstanding UX, i.e. user-experience, user-interface, usability, is a key part of website design, essential to communicate a clear message to a customer, make it easy for them to find what they want, convince them engage, and then facilitate them to buy. We are familiar with best-practices, and common pitfalls, and can test and measure alternative design-approaches, to find the one that objectively works the best.

ToPiC - Tracker of Performance and Improved Confidence

A customer needed support for their appraisal process, designed to get a more complete review of performance: not just 'what we do', but 'the way we do it'. They hypothesised that better success outcomes strongly correlate with better cultural behaviours; we proved this and helped them to continuously improve their individual performance and team culture. To do this, Telos Digital built ToPiC, a highly-customised survey, self-analysis, feedback, and reporting tool for them, which Telos Partners then used for discussion and feedback sessions with the individuals.

Infrastructure for an International Foundation

We are working on a very exciting project for a international charitable foundation. We'd love to say more... but we can't (yet).

Large Language Models and RAG

Large Language Models (LLMs) with the Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) mechanism have the potential to massively transform the way certain text-based tasks are performed.