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Nothing to worry about. 3rd party tracking and advertising cookies are unethical, annoying, and we don't use them. So you don't need to worry.

We do use a short-lived (~ 1440 minutes) local session cookie  for essential functionality of the site.

Incidentally, the reason the cookie-law makes you click these annoying 'consent buttons' on most other sites is because they really mean: We're doing something 'bad' with your data, which, if you understood the implications of how we 'share' it, you probably wouldn't agree to. The law normally forbids the practice, but we can still do it if we get your permission.

Personal Information

This site doesn't have a login or a database. We wouldn't do anything bad, anyway, but as we don't ask for your info, and we don't store it, we obviously can't misuse it!

Website (Apache) server logs do exist, which track page requests and source IP-addresses for diagnostics.

Email: if you send us an email, then (obviously) we will receive and store that message.


Telos Partners Digital Limited
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VAT Number: 424419704

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Admiral House,
St. Leonards Road,
United Kingdom,

Telos Partners Digital Limited is a part of the Telos Partners Group, working closely with Telos Partners LLP, to support the long-term sustainable success of its clients.