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We explain, advise, and do, in software, science, and technology. Telos Digital, in close association with Telos Partners, is dedicated to the long-term sustainable success of our clients, our business, and ourselves.

With our rich industry experience, we understand what truly matters to our clients, and are committed to meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations.

Combining our detailed knowledge of state-of-the-art technologies with high-level analytical skills and creative thinking, we evaluate alternatives and propose solutions tailored to clients' exact requirements.

We can then lucidly explain; provide detailed and actionable advice; and in most cases, we can deliver a complete solution.

We are generalists, driven by curiosity. Our wide range of interdisciplinary interests, depth of skills, and scientific method, sets us apart from single-solution-suppliers.

Our constantly-renewed experience in doing maintains the wellspring of our knowledge and understanding: technical intuition is insight, with practice.

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Announcing our Collaboration with Telos Partners 3rd October 2022

Transformation: the Digital Dimension

Telos Partners have been operating for over twenty years in the strategic transformation space. We understand it, and have the campaign medals and scar tissue from having worked with around four hundred organisations, focused on their long-term success.

And yet the most significant force demanding change, the digital transformation of our organisations, in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, has largely been left unaddressed.

Until now.

We are delighted to welcome a team of digital specialists into the Telos fold. Operating as Telos Partners Digital Limited, they will bring their expertise to help clients address their digital needs, at both strategic and implementation levels.

Richard Neill, who heads the Digital Business, said:

"We are delighted to join Telos Partners and to strengthen their capacity to meet clients' long-term needs. Our digital capability, together with the Telos commitment to relationships and the delivery of successful outcomes, will provide the basis for significant value-add for our clients."

Adam Campbell, Managing Partner of Telos Partners, reports:

"There is a need expressed by our clients for digital expertise, that can either assist them to build their own capability, or partner with them to develop their own digital solutions. We are delighted to welcome Richard and his team to the Telos family."

Further information is available on the Telos Partners Digital Limited website at: https://telos.digital.

  To read the full article, please download the pdf.

Digitalisation: Not just an IT challenge, by Peter Ward, Chairman of Telos Partners 3rd October 2022

Potentially re-shaping the organization – a C-suite challenge

I appreciate that the grandly termed "Fourth Industrial Revolution" has been a reality for at least the last decade, with the World Economic Forum giving it some shape back in 2016. But its impact, while in plain sight, really comes home to you when granddaughter changes "Why? Granddad" with "Google it, Granddad"! I guess that for these past few years, we have treated this new way of operating as an extension of the Third Industrial Revolution: the era of electronics, IT and automation around since the sixties. But it is much more than this, with new businesses, communication and distribution channels proliferating on the back of technology.

We have been engaged with strategic transformation for over twenty years, but have been content to treat digitalisation as something that our clients need to commission separately. But its impact on the overall performance of a business and the people in it, suggests that embracing this revolution is overdue. Telos Partners are now adding to our capability, through the formation of Telos Partners Digital Limited, and this will enable us to offer access to top class expertise able to (as our new team would say) "explain, advise or do" in this important area. Of course, many of our clients are well down the path with their own digitalisation strategies, and for some it has been mission critical that they continue to develop and enhance their business models to fully embrace the impact of technology. But there are others that we can see could benefit from some external input.

So the start of a digital engagement is a human conversation! And with a partner who can "explain, advise and do", but only after carefully listening to the challenge.

Have a look at our website, https://telos.digital, to see more detail on problems solved, and team capability.

  To read the full article, please download the pdf.

ToPiC: Tracker of Performance and Improved Confidence 14th March 2023

Assessing Results and Behaviours - Not just what we do, but the way we do it

ToPiC is a tool built by Telos Digital, specifically for the customers of Telos Partners, in order to improve the appraisal process, and get a more complete review of performance. By measuring not just what we do, but the way that we do it, our customers can improve cultural behaviours, leading to better success outcomes.

ToPiC is a highly-customised survey, self-analysis, feedback, and reporting tool, described here.